Criffin has developed a user friendly, high-speed and precise 11-point skeletal tracking sensor system. The system is completely wireless, meaning that every sensor is wireless and self-contained. As there’s no need to manually connect wires between the sensors, setup time is much faster than with some competing solutions. In combination with MMP the system is especially suited for any type of training or simulation that demands the ability to move around in a virtual space, interact with objects and have full body presence. For an increased sensory experience, haptic feedback can be added to the system.


Our unique attachment system is very comfortable and user friendly. And no hassle with cables!

Because of the wireless connectivity in every sensor, the system is very solid and features no moving parts. Also the wire connections won’t start wearing out.

No cables means no misalignment of the sensors in certain situations.

Our system is up to 10x faster to set up and wear than some competing solutions.

All sensors are removable and the textile portions are easily cleaned.

Watch Alpaha Prototype in action


  • 11 sensors per suit
  • ergonomic attachements, fast setup
  • each sensor is wirelessly connected to anchor
  • detect angular data, 0.01° precision
  • 6h battery time
  • 24ms latency, 5m range
  • charging station


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