Since 2012, Criffin has been researching and developing omnidirectional treadmill prototypes that would have no harness and difficult learning curve. Many concepts have been considered, and large prototypes have been constructed and dismantled until we realised first iteration of a platform that provides users with the freedom comfort already back in 2014. From that version heavy duty industrial and military versions of the platform have been developed, naming the device eventually Multi Motion Platform.



MMP enables virtually any movement in VR and according to our research (we have also built low-friction prototypes) it is the most versatile approach. While competing products enable walking, running, jumping and taking a knee, MMP enables everything up to going prone and high-kicking.

We have tested the solution on number of subjects and all of them were able to use it immediately, from 9 to 55 year olds. In many cases we didn’t give any instructions and watched them understand it naturally, almost instantly.

User is completely un-attached. That means that person being trained can take literally any pose or position. Additionally nothing is disturbing to access secondary weapon or accessory.

Our internal research shows MMP is safe. As the movements are completely natural the person is not subjected to any un-natural forced position.

The platform can be packed or set up with ease by a non-technician.

MMP is currently still confidential product. Over time we’ll start sharing more actual pictures and footage the system in use.

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  • Zero learning curve
  • No harness – user is completely free
  • No health risks
  • Wear original clothing & boots
  • Two versions depending on use case
  • Unlimited movements
  • Modular design
  • Easily transportable, easy setup


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