Mr Peeter Nieler, CEO of Criffin, presented at defence conference ADECS in Marina Bay, Singapore. He participated in a panel discussion about human factor considerations related to high fidelity training.

Mr Nieler was invited to present at the conference as Criffin has been developing immersive training platform for SOF and tactical units for years. “Keeping low-key we have been developing immersive Virtual Reality simulation & training platform for tactical units such as SOF, but the system is also very suitable for oil platforms and rescue services. This gave us a very good hands-on experience of the topic and I feel I did enhance the discussion with interesting points,” he explained.

In May 2017 Mr Nieler also presented about immersive training and situational awareness on the main stage of ITEC, one of the leading defence conferences.

Asia Defence Expo & Conference Series (ADECS) is a leading defence and military exhibition focussed specifically on trends and opportunities within the Asia Pacific region.

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