Criffin’s Founder & CEO Peeter Nieler spoke about Virtual Reality at Unite conference in Beijing. He was the opening presenter on the first day of the conference, VR day.

Right after intro speech by Tony Garcia from Unity, he started his talk with phrase:

“As Tony mentioned Unity sees ahead of the curve and developing on Unity helps you do that with them. That’s at leas what Criffin is planning to do.”

..and continued:

“I see many inspired faces in this room. Lots of curiosity. There’s nothing better than curiosity for life and there’s nothing better than being child-like curios. To be creative. We’re living on a most interesting era. An era when creativity is finally appreciated, and era where tools – such as Unity – are accessible to anyone. The only thing today between you and building something truly amazing is your creativity.”

Criffin is also present in the demo area with the Full Body Tracking solution. Come try our system and get fully immersed into VR today and tomorrow at Chinese National Convention Centre (CNCC / link in Beijing, entrance C2 second floor!

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