Criffin is delighted to be invited to join the Rolls-Royce Innovation supplier ecosystem after participating in the Haptics Challenge.

The challenge brought together selected organisations in the Virtual Reality and Haptics sphere to develop potential solutions to represent touch and motion with a virtual reality environment. Among those companies, a few chosen were invited to join the Rolls-Royce Innovation supplier ecosystem and to discuss collaboration opportunities.

The precise terms of collaboration will be decided within a year.

About Rolls-Royce Defence 
Rolls-Royce is one of the world’s leading industrial technology companies. Throughout their history, they have set out to achieve extraordinary goals. Along the way, they have developed ground-breaking technologies, established new standards, and shaped the world we live in. This quest has taken them from their founding expertise in internal combustion engines to providing the world’s most powerful and efficient aero engines.

The rapid pace of digitisation offers substantial and wide-ranging opportunities. Over twenty years ago, they were the first to use sensors to collect live, commercial data to allow real-time engine health monitoring. Today, they aim to be Digital First in everything they do.


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