Virtual Reality

The applications of VR rely in many more fields than just gaming.

Education, news broadcasting and architectural walkthroughs are just a few to mention.


Criffin is collaborating with a couple of entities from private and public sectors to help the ones in need. VR and skeletal tracking systems can mostly make repetitive exercises fun and results can be monitored in detail, statistics can be made. If you see a way to use VR or our tracking technologies in rehabilitation or other fields, please get in touch.


VR is an emerging technology that has demonstrated its potential as a dynamic and effective teaching tool. Researchers at the University of Washington’s state-of-the-art Human Interface Technology Laboratory (HITL) Learning Center have been at the forefront of exploring the use of VR in education. In 1995, for example, almost 3,000 students in grades four to twelve experienced VR in the classroom, and another 365 built their own virtual environments (VEs). Preliminary results indicate that students can learn curriculum content through this experiential process and are highly motivated to do so.

Simulations & Training

VR systems provide an alternative for real-life training which saves money and avoids unnecessary risks, but the requirements towards the technology in use are very high. Criffin has researched the field for years now and is able to provide realistic and high-quality training simulations for successful learning effects and with the prevention of simulator sickness.

Architectural walkthroughs

VR technologies can be used very effectively for pre-visualisation of architectural or interior design projects. Even better – using our RUNPAD technology the user can actually walk around the rooms and discover in detail how light, shadows and other elements play depending on the planning, lighting solution or time of the day. That adds enormous value to customer satisfaction who – in a way – have already visited their future home or commercial project in Virtual Reality.

Find out how VR can simplify your business.