We develop technologies to

enable full-body presence

& locomotion within VR.


Since 2012, Criffin has been researching and developing omnidirectional treadmill prototypes that would have an attractive form factor and be affordable. Many concepts have been considered, and large prototypes have been constructed and dismantled until we realised the final concept which will be launching soon – a simple, affordable and stylish omnidirectional treadmill that allows users to run, jump and even crawl in a very natural way.

Sensor Based Skeletal Tracking System

Criffin has developed a user friendly, high-speed and precise 18-point skeletal tracking sensor system. The system is completely wireless, meaning that every sensor is wireless and self-contained. As there’s no need to manually connect wires between the sensors, setup time is much faster than with some competing solutions. In combination with RUNPAD the system is especially suited for any type of training or simulation that demands the ability to move around in a virtual space and interact with objects. For an increased sensory experience, haptic feedback can be added to the system.

R&D: always researching for new technologies

Criffin is constantly pushing for new horizons in technology and science. Over the years, we have built prototypes for a multitude of technologies, including UltraSonic and RF positional tracking. Currently we are working on a version of our own SLAM system. We’re also researching solutions for haptic feedback systems to help increase the immersiveness of the virtual experience. Please subscribe to our mailing list or follow us on social media to stay up-to-date with our news and upcoming tech.