Criffin & Team

Criffin bridges the gap between the real and virtual worlds

Criffin was founded by Peeter Nieler to address the needs of tomorrow’s technology. Beginning in 2012 before the release of the Oculus DK1, Criffin has become an early leader in the development of hardware that enables full-body immersive experiences within virtual and blended reality.

Criffin is active in the research and development of technologies which can bridge the gap between the real and virtual with the goal of providing progressive businesses, organizations and institutions with the end-to-end solutions they need to create the impossible.

Since beginning operations, the company has developed and iterated on numerous omnidirectional treadmill prototypes, wireless IMU skeletal tracking systems, ultrasonic and RF positioning technologies, as well as SLAM systems, neurohaptic solutions and other advanced technologies.

Today Criffin consults on, researches and develops innovative immersive experience technologies that enable full-body presence and precise motion capture suited for a wide range of applications, including industrial simulations, military trainings, motion analytics and more.